Hussain Sajwani Establishes Strong Entrepreneurial Relations for the Growth of DAMAC Properties

Without a doubt, networking is an essential personal skill in business. Most fundamentally, it is extremely crucial for the growth of entrepreneurs. Alongside communication and a brand’s strong presence in the market, these approaches will always help an entrepreneur along the way of the brand establishment. If there is an individual who has utilized the power of networking in business it must be Hussain Sajwani, a famous billionaire dealing with the real estate market in Dubai. Even though he seems successful as at now, it is clear that he spent a lot of time strategizing and creating ideas that would, later on, impress his customer base. As such, the real estate mogul has managed to garner more than 10,000 clients in his company. How he got to where he still remains the major question asked by most entrepreneurs in the same business. To answer some of those questions, let us look at his early life and final investment into real estate.

Early Life and Experiences

Sajwani was raised in a small town in the Middle East. Within the town, his father ran a shop where he dispensed shirts, pencils and other items that most men found useful in their day-to-day lives. While at it, he worked with his father and invested a lot of time in understanding the business with the vision of inheriting it eventually. However, he was not interested in taking over his father’s business as he had other dreams to pursue in different industries.

Joining School

Like any other teenager growing up, it was time to join the college for higher learning. The DAMAC owner decided to enroll for medicine, a course he deferred within a few months of studying. Even so, that was not the end of his career. Being determined to become an inspirational figure to his peers, the DAMAC owner went to America and was among the first students to earn government education scholarship for engineering and economics.

The Observation

Sajwani was too ambitious to the point of quitting his first job at GASCO to start a food catering. While there were risks involved in his resignation, he made sure that his research team established the viability of the catering business. That way, he was safe from any impending loss in future. As usual, his brilliance contributed to the development of the business as within a year, he was able to start DAMAC Properties, a commercial real estate business that focused on the development of residential and commercial property within Dubai. Over the years, Sajwani the DAMAC owner has grown DAMAC Properties into a successful real estate business that incorporates international projects like the Donald Trump Gold Courses designed by the prominent gold player, Tiger Woods.

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