Jeff Aronin Leading the Charge to the Future

When it comes to the very important field of biosciences, there are a few companies and a few leaders that are looking to be leaders in the field. There are even fewer people out there that are not only looking to be leaders but accomplishing those goals in a way that is raising eyebrows. One such firm that is absolutely standing out from the pack is Paragon Biosciences. The company has managed to stand out from the pack because they have made it very clear that they are looking to help the patient first and everything else second.

That approach, driven by the company’s CEO has made the company one that people look to when they are talking about the definition of a firm that operates with morals at all times. The company is also looking to fill a real place of need ( Paragon knows there are more than 6,000 diseases out there that currently don’t have a treatment or cure. The firm wants to be one of the players when it comes to greatly reducing that number. They aren’t focusing on making a slightly better asthma inhaler. They are looking to wipe out issues that other companies aren’t even paying attention to.

The company has that kind of singular focus thanks in large part to the mission of their CEO. Jeff Aronin took over the firm in 2010 and has worked hard to drive it to a place where they are the innovators and the leaders in the science field. Aronin understands this business and this field because before he rose to CEO, he was running several of the company’s portfolio firms. That particular company is one that specializes in research and it’s likely here where he realized that the key to success for a company like this is to make sure trying to heal and discover the issue is at the heart of what makes a firm successful in the long run Aronin has been in the medical and pharmaceutical field since 2000 so he’s got the experience needed.

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