President and Founder of Highland Capital James Dondero

James Dondero currently runs and oversees a large investment firm. He holds the position as President of the firm as well as being its co founder. During a span of over twenty years, James has helped build his firm into one of the most notable in the financial services industry. He started up Highland Capital as a life insurance company and then expanded the amount of services over the course of the firm’s history. Before he started up Highland Capital, he worked at other investment firms as an employee. He began his career as an analyst and then moved up to the position of chief investment officer. As well as being a finance professional, James participates in a number of philanthropic activities.

Dondero co founded Highland Capital Management at the beginning of the 1990’s with Mark Okada. When the firm was first started, it was primarily a company that provided a number of life insurance products to consumers. However James decided to expand the product offerings in order to meet the needs of clients. As a result, he began offering other products such as hedge funds and private equity securities. Along with offering other products, James also provided services such as asset management, wealth management and financial advisory. With these services, James was able to establish his firm into one of the most comprehensive in the finance industry.

Prior to starting up Highland Capital Management and began his career, he attended college to study accounting and finance. He would complete degrees in both fields and graduate with high honors. After finishing up college, he began his career working at an investment firm as a credit analyst. During the next several years, James would attain other positions where he would oversee more financial activity. Eventually, James would hold the position of chief investment officer where he oversaw multi billion dollar accounts for top corporations.

In his spare time, James Dondero frequently looks to make a difference in his community. On a regular basis, James devotes his time and money to causes such as veteran’s affairs, community development, healthcare and education. With his contributions, James has been able to help make the Dallas area a more desirable place to live.

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