End Citizens United: Reform Campaign Finance System

For those not in the know, End Citizens United is considered a public action committee that was founded in March 2015. Their goal is to petition for certain changes in the United States campaign finance system. This public action committee managed to garner more than $4 million within the first three months of the year (2017).


They believe they will be able to raise at least $35 million by the 2018 midterm elections. This projected total would represent an increase of approximately $10 million from the total they were able to raise for last year’s election. End Citizens United hopes to use the funds to advance the campaigns of Democrats in hopes of having more of them in Congress during the next elections in order to further reforms in the U.S. campaign finance system. Some of their early choices include Sherrod Brown, Jon Oscoff, and Jon Tester. They are vying for offices in Ohio, Georgia, and Montana respectively.


End Citizens United receives donations from individuals. The group does not accept any individual donation over $5,000. This is done to remain consistent with their campaign to end funding of any political campaign by large corporations which the Supreme Court made legal seven years ago via its decision in a specific case wherein it defined corporations to actually be people.

Impact Of End Citizens United

The people behind End Citizens United feel their actions have had a significant impact on elections in the United States. Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United, told the press that the funds they raised during the first quarter of the year came from almost 100,000 different people. She added that 40 percent of these individuals were “first-time donors.”
Muller speculates that this could possibly be because some individuals are still upset over Hillary Clinton’s losing the 2016 election, and are doing everything in their power to make certain their candidate wins next time. She said that their public action committee has not yet made an official final decision on exactly who they will support next year. They believe that with more Democrats seated in Congress, they may be able to reform the United States election finance system.

End Note

End Citizens United is fighting to make significant changes to the U.S. campaign finance system. Even with the set limit on the total amount that any one individual donor can make, End Citizens United was reportedly among the major contributors during the last election campaign period. They say this demonstrates that it is possible for public action committees to make an impact without accepting any funds from special interest unions or corporations.

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Gregory Aziz – Innovator Of Steel Cars

Founded in 1912, National Steel Car was an immediate success in the Steel Car industry; producing passenger and freight train cars in a period of extraordinary demand. Their progress surprised investors and workers alike, quickly rising to become an industry leader within its first few years of opening. After the great depression, however, the company experienced either lagged growth or outright decline. The business stayed alive, however it paled in comparison to what it had once been.

Gregory James Aziz changed all that when his company purchased Steel Car in 1994. In just six short years, he effectively increased the worker staff from 500 to 3,000 employees. He also nearly quadrupled their annual production output, a figure that is almost unheard of in any line of business. Today, Steel Car is the number one North American supplier of rail cars for the United States and Canada; not to mention being a major player in the global market.

A Canadian native, Greg Aziz was born and raised in London, Ontario; not far from where the National Steel Car headquarters are located today in Hamilton, Ontario. His initial education took place at Ridley college; followed by the University of Western Ontario where he received his Degree in Economics. This academic background gave him the foundation he needed to be successful in his family’s wholesale food business, where he spent the earlier stages of his career.

This experience eventually led him to New York where he would take part in a series of successful investments that gave him the capital he needed to purchase the once great National Steel. He knew that there was a demand in railroad industry, and that there was also not a particularly large number of competitors. Seeing this opportunity, he decided to purchase the company, and transform it into the profitable business that it is today.

Today, Steel Car specialized in cargo transport trains and the transportation of any material substance, solid or liquid. The modern industrial world has Gregory J Aziz to thank for the efficiency and speed at which materials are able to be transported. Without his advances in the field, North American industry may not have evolved to the point it is at today. See More Information here.


President and Founder of Highland Capital James Dondero

James Dondero currently runs and oversees a large investment firm. He holds the position as President of the firm as well as being its co founder. During a span of over twenty years, James has helped build his firm into one of the most notable in the financial services industry. He started up Highland Capital as a life insurance company and then expanded the amount of services over the course of the firm’s history. Before he started up Highland Capital, he worked at other investment firms as an employee. He began his career as an analyst and then moved up to the position of chief investment officer. As well as being a finance professional, James participates in a number of philanthropic activities.

Dondero co founded Highland Capital Management at the beginning of the 1990’s with Mark Okada. When the firm was first started, it was primarily a company that provided a number of life insurance products to consumers. However James decided to expand the product offerings in order to meet the needs of clients. As a result, he began offering other products such as hedge funds and private equity securities. Along with offering other products, James also provided services such as asset management, wealth management and financial advisory. With these services, James was able to establish his firm into one of the most comprehensive in the finance industry.

Prior to starting up Highland Capital Management and began his career, he attended college to study accounting and finance. He would complete degrees in both fields and graduate with high honors. After finishing up college, he began his career working at an investment firm as a credit analyst. During the next several years, James would attain other positions where he would oversee more financial activity. Eventually, James would hold the position of chief investment officer where he oversaw multi billion dollar accounts for top corporations.

In his spare time, James Dondero frequently looks to make a difference in his community. On a regular basis, James devotes his time and money to causes such as veteran’s affairs, community development, healthcare and education. With his contributions, James has been able to help make the Dallas area a more desirable place to live.

OSI Spain Plant Upgrades Capacity and Makes Environmental Enchancements

Demand for high-quality chicken products has increased rapidly in Spain, and now the OSI Group’s Toledo plant operation is positioned better than ever to take advantage of this robust, growing market.

OSI Food Solutions recently added a high-production line to the existing plant in Toledo. The effort cost $20 million, or about 17 million Euro. This will increase capacity from 24,000 tons of product to about 45,000 tons annually. That includes chicken, pork and beef.

The expansion will also add 20 jobs to the 140 current workforce who help make this plant among the finest and high-tech, energy efficient meat processing operations in Europe.

The growth of the chicken market in Spain has been remarkable. Toledo plant manager José María del Río said demand for chicken products has increased by 6% annually, and at an 8% overall rate over three years. He said ramping up plant capacity will be key in meeting swelling demand. Market growth is expected at an even higher rate in coming years.

Upgrades to the plant include an additional 22,600 square feet. A new production hall has been added, new shipping and receiving areas, more storage space and refrigerated rooms dedicated to waste containment storage. Also included in the expansion are oil service areas, space for hot water and nitrogen tanks and a social gathering place for employees.

An additional key upgrade is a development kitchen. This is where new products are created and tested to anticipate the shifting, future needs of consumers. Spaniards are always looking for new and exciting product – the country is fertile ground for “foodies” and gourmet-minded folks who enjoy life and exciting new recipes.

As always, OSI Group has made intensive efforts toward making the Toledo plant extremely energy efficient, environmentally friendly and focused on sustainability. Some 20% in energy consumption reductions have been achieved. Much of that efficiency was realized by improvements in refrigeration techniques and new heat recovery techniques from the plant’s cogeneration system.

The energy and environmental enhancements were recognized by Spain’s regional government – this resulted in a grant of €1.5 million to OSI Spain from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund.

Finally, the plant was enhanced with an upgraded food defense system. This includes a perimeter surveillance system which monitors the exterior space of the facility, bolstered by indoor cameras to keep tabs on every square foot of the plant indoor grounds and outdoor areas.

Ancient History: Ancient Warfare And The Trabuco

One of the great hallmarks of studying human history is being able to track the development human ingenuity as it has been expressed through technology. The word technology, especially when it is used within a modern context, conjures up images of technology companies, computers and new electronic devices. While these things definitely constitute technology, it turns out that the definition of technology is much broader than that.

According to dicionarioinformal.com.br technology has been described as the application of scientific knowledge for industrial use. Within that context technology is much, much more than a smartphone, a self-driving car or an app that we use to order food or a website. It is essentially anything that human beings have done that involves the application of scientific knowledge for broader uses. Some of the most fascinating technology on help.madmoo.com has involved the systems that ancient civilizations developed to water crops in arid environments, to power vehicles such as trains and boats using steam or to design wooden boats that could withstand voyages around the world.

One fascinating if morbid part of the history of technology is learning the multitude of ways that past societies and civilizations developed technology that was meant to be used for war. One of the more interesting inventions that older civilizations used on the battlefield is one that is known as a trabuco. The name trabuco might be unfamiliar to most people but they are probably familiar with another ancient weapon that might be called a cousin of sorts to the trabuco. This weapon is known as a catapult. Like the catapult the trabuco solved an age old problem for armies of the past that were attempting to lay siege to an enemy’s settlement. That problem involved the question of how to prevail over an adversary that had a city that was well-protected by walls. The trabuco solved that question by giving these armies the ability to throw large projectiles from great distances. This meant that armies that used the trabuco would be able to throw projectiles over the walls while fighting their enemy. It also meant that they could damage their enemy’s defenses by using a trabuco to break down their wall.

Search more about Trabuco: http://memoriasdaditadura.org.br/programas/programa-de-radio-o-trabuco/index.html

Goettl Air Conditioning – Looking Out for Family

Dubbed as the longest race in the United States, the Best in the Desert race is a motocross race that covers a distance of 545 miles from Las Vegas to Reno. It attracts a lot of participants and sponsors, and this year Goettl Air Conditioning was one of the notable sponsors.

Looking Out for Family

Goettl Air Conditioning and its team contributed thousands of dollars to support one of their own: Brett Aguilera. Brett Aguilera is a son to one of the technicians who work for the company, and he is a great racer if his awards are anything to go by.

Brett Aguilera was racing with his partner Tallon Taylor against 99 other teams of racers. They entered the race in the 13th place and managed to finish 37th overall in spite of mechanical problems along the way – Aguilera emerged in the first place overall in 2016’s race. They also managed to finish in the first place in their class, and Goettl Air Conditioning CEO Ken Goodrich awarded Aguilera $1,000 for his achievement.

Brett Aguilera garnered support from wide and far as several organizations and individuals chipped in to fund him: The Williams Bros, Baja Nikki, Kayu Trucking, Team Aggie, Eddy King, Jason Roar, Dubya Wheels, Silver State Speed Shop, Fly Racing, X Brand Goggles, Fasst Co., Scotty Robertson, and Sidi Boots, among others.

Arch News says Goettl Air Conditioning proved that it has bonds that go beyond work alone as they are always looking out for each other. Brett Aguilera has been racing since he was five, and his participation in the recent Best in the Desert participation put him a step closer to becoming a professional racer.


About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl: it may be difficult to pronounce, but there is no one better to call for air conditioning and HVAC services. Having been in business since 1939, this air conditioning company has amassed great experience and built a flawless reputation.

Goettl offers several services all associated with air conditioning. The company is popular for installing the best quality AC conditions. The company, indeed has also adopted the latest technology in the industry to ensure that all air vented indoors is clean and fresh for utmost quality. Goettl has also specialized in installing advanced HVAC systems that are not only more efficient but also cost-efficient.

Goettl has some of the best technicians in the industry. It is always improving its technicians’ skills through training and exposure to the latest technology. Read more about Goettl on glassdoor.com.

Crystal Clear EOS

EOS lip balm has already revolutionized the chapstick market with their spherical lip balms. EOS produces lip balms with fresh flavors that come packaged in little round balls and lots of fun pastel colors. But recently, they have stepped it up with EOS Crystal Clear. Check also frenchtribune.com to know more about the product.

EOS Crystal Clear is similar to the original lip balms except that they are wax-free, contain five essential oils, and are completely clear. The wax-free lip balm makes it completely vegan friendly, unlike most chapsticks. The five essential oils make it healthy for your lips, and the clear balm is aesthetically pleasing. EOS Crystal will come in two new flavors: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, read more here.

EOS announced the new addition to its product line on August 5th with an Instagram post stating “Clear as Crystal. Smooth as eos. Say hello to every girl’s NEW best friend ???? #eosCrystal #newproduct #lipbalm #waxfree #vegan #veganbeauty #vanillaorchid #thefutureiscrystalclear.” On August 7th, they posted “Lips on sleek ????????NEW eos Crystal is packed with 5 essential oils for a smooth glide that leaves your lips soft and chic.” EOS is very excited for you to own their new, exciting product. The lip balm can be found in most retail and drug stores in August for $4.99.

Additional Info: http://blogwebpedia.com/beyond-lip-balm-eos-hacks-need-know.html/.


Mike Baur Brings His Passion To Life Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur and businessman who co-founded and is a managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. Some of his responsibilities for the company include financing rounds and fundraising, and his optimistic as well as steady outlook on life and business has helped the company to gain the kind of funding necessary to succeed. Swiss Startup Factory launched in 2014 and is a Zurich-based accelerator that helps digital entrepreneurs find new opportunities to grow their business or enterprise. Their three month start-up accelerator program is unique in that it offers a range of services including mentoring, coaching, office space, and a network of entrepreneurs to help anyone reach their goals.


With over 20 years of hard-earned experience in the Swiss banking industry, Mike Baur brings vision, knowledge, and the kind of intuition that can only come from this kind of experience. Previously Mike worked for Clariden Leu as well as UBS but eventually moved on to investing in start-ups. At a start-up pitching contest, START Summiteer, that took place at the University of St Gallen, he played the role of a jury member, and in 2016 he was made deputy managing director of CTI Invest as a partnership formed between the company and the Swiss Startuo Factory. He also played a large role in the company’s partnership with Fintech Fusion and led the efforts of its accelerator program with the Goldback Group.


Mike Baur earned his MBA from the University of Rochester New York and also received an Executive MBA while studying at the University of Berne. He spends a lot of his time investing in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and also supports a mix of Swiss Startups by offering his services as a mentor and by providing financial assistance. He believes that every young entrepreneur needs a mentor or someone they can look up to and learn from, and he is always eager to pass on the large amount of knowledge he has picked up from his long career as an entrepreneur. It is not only his business to help people be successful with their start-ups, but it is his passion, and he has vowed to continue helping people with their success for as long as he can.