The Healthy Deliciousness of Purina Beneful Originals with Real Salmon

You love your dog, right? And you want him or her to know that you do, right? One of the most effective ways to do this is by feeding them the best in healthy and delicious food. Purina Beneful Originals is known for being a dog food that is both healthy and that dogs love. And one of the best in this line is Purina Beneful Originals With Real Salmon. This dry dog food gives the dog amazing flavor while also giving them 23 essential vitamins and minerals. As a result your pet will not only be very healthful, but have a lust and beautiful coat as well.

Aiding with the end of this beautiful coat are the amino acids. The vitamin E in this vitamin mix also insures that he or she will a good, healthy immune system as well. We guarantee your dog’s satisfaction with this incredibly healthy dog food. Besides the obvious healthy and delicious ingredient, which is real salmon, other primary health ingredients include whole grains and vegetable accents. The vegetable accents include sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots. While these three are the primary ingredients of Real Salmon, they are by no means the only ones.

Real Salmon is chock full of the highest quality ingredients. This certainly includes top-grade protein such as Chicken, Pork Digest, and Beef Tallow. This means that literally every single bite is filled to the brim with nutrition. You will also find delicious ingredients like egg and chicken flavor. Real Salmon, like all Purina products, is produced entirely in U.S. facilities. You can feel safe with our product because we painstakingly follow the guidelines of the FDA, USDA, and AAFCO and are accepted by all of these companies because of that. Although we do guarantee the complete healthiness of our products, you would be wise to continue to see your veterinarian regularly.

Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Really Surpass Amazon?

To answer the question about any other clothing company being able to surpass Amazon, you really need to understand how far ahead of the pack this giant is from the field. Currently, Amazon takes in about 20 percent of the sales in the clothing market online, leaving thousand of competitors to scramble for the remaining sales. Now take a closer look at how successful Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been in the last few years in the same space as Amazon, raking in $250 million in sales of women’s active-wear. This is not just a one-time fluke, it looks like this company may have what it takes to surpass Amazon.


Talking to Hudson all about her athleisure brand, she keeps going back to how her membership plan and the sales process called reverse showrooming has been the foundation of the success of the company. To better understand how these two components work together to drive such impressive numbers, we have to take a look at what is really going on inside the mall and one of Hudson’s many retail stores. Look at what is going on, these shoppers are taking the lifestyle quiz, browsing the racks for new arrivals, and trying on every piece of workout apparel inside the store. Sales associates actually encourage shoppers to enjoy the experience without any sales pressure.


So here is where all the pieces come together, it happens when these same women visit the Fabletics e-commerce store. Now every piece of clothing that you were wearing inside the mall has been moved to your online cart, so you don’t have to worry if those pieces are actually going to fit you. Since you eliminate the size concerns from the equation, these customers are loading up the cart with new arrivals in leggings, yoga pants, and tank tops. When in the past these shoppers would buy a single piece of clothing to see how it fits, now they buy a dozen pieces to show off at the gym the new clothing they own.


Membership perks at Hudson’s Fabletics do not end there. One of the reasons sales are exploding is these shoppers get free shipping for all online orders combined with discounts on all the active-wear. Amazon may be wondering why their profits are getting smaller, it might just have to do with the explosion in sales over at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics over the last few years.

Karl Heideck Explains The City Of Philadelphia’s Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo

Karl Heideck explains the recent lawsuits against Wells Fargo
Karl Heideck explains the recent lawsuits against Wells Fargo

On May 15, a lawsuit against Wells Fargo, Inc. was filed by the City of Philadephia in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania alleging that the bank used predatory lending practices aimed at minority mortgage borrowers. According to the city, the bank steered minority borrowers who should have qualified for low risk, low interest mortgages, to loans with riskier, higher interest loans, while steering white borrowers towards lower interest loans. This violates the Fair Housing act of 1968. When the recipients of the higher risk loans applied to refinance their loans, they were rejected, resulting in multiple home foreclosures, which ultimately ended up hurting the City of Philadelphia.

Wells Fargo is accused to have intentionally withheld low interest loans to applicants based on racial profiling. The City of Philadelphia is not the only entity suing Wells Fargo. The City of Miami has also recently filed a suit claiming that the bank had violated the Fair Housing Act. They were also accused of creating fake customer profiles to help their employees to meet their sales goals.

Karl Heideck has his B.A. in English Language and Literature from Swarthmore College a graduated with Juris Doctor from Temple University Beasley School of Law with honors. He currently is working with the law firm Grant & Eisenhower PA. Karl Heidek has over ten years of experience as a lawyer in Philadelphia. He specializes in civil litigation, compliance and risk management.

Mr. Heideck was also a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP as well as holding an associate position at Conrad O’Brien. In addition to his work as an attorney, Karl Heideck is also a prolific writer, primarily blogging about current legal news in the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding area to keep better inform the public about what is happening in courtrooms.