Highland Capital Management – Excellence and Growth

Highland Capital Management L. P. is an investment advisor company which is registered and has grown to be one of the largest alternative credit managers on an international scale. Highland Capital Management has a vast number of affiliates. The company is currently managing more than 3 billion USD in assets from all around the world.



Highland Capital Management L. P. specializes in a number of fields. The company does credit strategies, distressed and special situations in terms of private equity, collateralized loan obligations, or CLO for short, alternative investments, natural resources, long and short equities, and much more. The company is excellent at working emerging markets as well. HCM works in many markets such as real estate and more.



Over the 20 years of operation, Highland Capital Management L. P. has grown and expanded overseas. The corporation has several offices on almost all continents. The main headquarters of Highland Capital Management L. P. is set up in Dallas, Texas. There are also offices in New York City, U. S., in Singapore, in Seoul, South Korea, and in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The distribution of the positions has allowed Highland Capital Management to expand the number of clients and markets that they work with.



  1. James Dondero is at the position of president of the large highland capital management. Although he has been occupying the position for only a few years, Mr. James Dondero has made many contributions to the company and has helped optimize the performance of HCM. Mr. James Dondero has many skills such as finance analysis, strategizing, leadership, and much more. Mr. James Dondero completed his higher education at the University of Virginia. He graduated with a bachelor’s in accounting and finance. Afterward, he also received a certification that made him a certified management accountant. Mr. James Dondero has been a part of other financial institutions as well. He has many responsibilities at many places, but his set of skills has made him valuable to each of them. Mr. James Dondero is currently Chairman of a number of Boards such as the Board of NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation, and Cornerstone Healthcare, too.




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