Capital Group Company’s Board Elects New Leadership

Mr. Timothy Armour is an intelligent investor and talented executive. He is a graduate of Middlebury College, who holds a degree in economics. He became an employee of the Capital Group Companies, Inc. back in 1983. He was one of the participants of the renowned Associates Program. He committed his expertise and talents to facilitating the growth of the Capital Group, and his efforts were rewarded by earning a promotion to the position of equity investment analyst. As the Capital Group’s analyst, Armour handled international communications and service firms based in the United States. Currently, he is the chairman and equity portfolio manager of the company.

Capital Group Names Tim Armour as the Chairman

The Capital Group’s Board of Directors appointed Tim Armour as Capital Group’s chairman in 2015. Capital Group is the hub of American Funds and one of the greatest investment management companies in the world. Prior to this appointment, Armour was serving as the chairman of the management committee of Capital Group as well as Capital Research and Management Company.

Armour and other senior leaders of the company’s management committee will team up with other committee members to oversee the operations of Capital Group and formulate, communicate, and execute the firm’s business strategies. The senior members comprise of Rob Lovelace, who is the head of the Capital Research and Management Company and Capital Group’s president, Phil de Toledo. The transition mirrors a leadership succession plan, which has been in place for many years, and was implemented after Jim Rothenberg (former chairman) passed away.

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Tim Armour’s statements

Speaking on behalf of Capital Group, Armour expressed his sorrow for the untimely demise of Jim Rothenberg. He described Mr Jim Rothenberg as a goal-driven leader, who had earned a reputation for addressing the needs of Capital’s clients, financiers, and associates by making wise decisions.

He attributed the success of Capital Group to the collective talents and experience of associates who support the firm’s mission of delivering high quality and excellent investment results to its customers and investors. Armour promised to work with other leaders in continuing Capital Group’s 85-year legacy of helping investors make smart investments.

About Capital Group

Capital Group is one of the biggest and oldest investment management firms in the world. It manages assets worth $1.39 trillion. The California-based company started its operations in 1931, and it has offices in America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. It has over 7,000 associates in various parts of the world.

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