Taking a Look at The CEO of the Eucatex Group

Flavio Maluf is a well-known entrepreneur and mechanical engineer. As the chief executive officer of Eucatex, he serves as a role model to every budding entrepreneur both in Brazil and internationally. His life is an illustration that nothing is impossible with hard work.

His academic background

Mr. Maluf attended the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in Sao Paulo. He graduated successfully with a degree in mechanical engineering. Maluf left Brazil and traveled abroad to the United States in search of a job and also for further education. He enrolled in New York University where he studied business administration.

Employment history

After completing the business course, he worked shortly in the United States before moving back to Brazil. In 1987, he was hired by the Eucatex Group. He worked in the trade department of the company for a few years before moving to the industrial department. His uncle who was by then the chair of the company invited him to join the board of executives.

After his invitation to the company’s board of executives, he continued to explore his potential and helped the company yield good results. The group’s management recognized his efforts and accomplishments. As a result, they reached an agreement to make him the president of the Group.

Soon after he was appointed the president of the Group, he channeled his energy towards innovation and massive investments that saw the company launch new products. He also started a modernization program that saw him upgrade some of the company’s factories. In his modernization program, he also changed the management of the organization.

About Eucatex Group

Eucatex is a company whose roots can be traced back to 1923 when its parent company, Americana Sawmill Americana first opened its doors. The company’s first mill (currently, Fiberboard Industrial Unit), was established in Salto (SP), in 1954. At the time, the company manufactured ceiling tiles and panels. The company expanded rapidly and could handle its growing market that not only expanded locally but also internationally. Between 1956 and 1965, the company opened branch offices in different states in Brazil. The company also opened a representative office in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In 1965, the company started exporting its products (ceiling tiles and panels) to Europe. As a result of the growing demand for its products, it increased its production capacity to 100 tons/day. Today Eucatex is an international company that works to fulfill the needs of different furniture manufacturers and large industrial construction organizations.

What do You Gain by Working in Co-working Spaces?


Co-working spaces are ideal for entrepreneurs and even startup companies. They come with a flexibility that allows you to maintain any size of workforce. Here are a number of reasons why co-working are a superior choice to telecommuting and working from traditional office setting.



If you are looking for flexibility, then you should consider working from co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are open 24 hours of every day. Therefore, you can work odd hours, on weekends and even during holidays. Here, your productivity does not have to be limited by doors.


Personal and Professional Growth

Co-working spaces allow you to meet new people and learn new things. This is important for personal growth. Also, they enhance professional growth through networking. If you are looking for a job, you have better chances of being hired by working in shared working spaces. Also, you get better chances of being employed at companies that will enhance your career growth. If you are a business, co-working spaces are ideal for growing sales. Here, you get introductions to potential clients. Your clientele is able to grow quickly than it would when working from home.


Life Balance

Every successful individual has to have a life balance. You must be able to balance between your work and personal life. Otherwise, you might not thrive in any. Working from co-working spaces, allows you to work when you should be working, without the disruptions of family or friends or the urge to relax or attend to chores.


Reduced Costs

Most businesses fail to grow for they make a lot of money but most of it goes into covering expenses. This is what traditional settings does to you. You have to cove utility bills for you to continue working efficiently. However, in co-working spaces, these bills are covered by the provider.


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