Keith Mann Taught Us How To Fundraise For The School

We have been trying to do fundraising for our school for a long time because we know that we need to take the initiative to get this done if we are going to have a better school. Me and a lot of the other parents have been organizing events for a while, but I have no way of knowing if we are doing the best thing. Keith Mann fixed all that when he came into our community and taught us how to fundraise for our school. We have been trying to do that for a while, but he wanted to show us the best way to make this work for the people in our community.

He has raised money for our schools more than once, and he has shown us that there is a better way to raise more money in less events. He works with us, and he has been committed to all our kids by also having his own scholarship for college seniors. The kids who are applying for this scholarship are going to go off to college and make a difference, and we want the kids who are still in school to have better schools to be in.

He has been showing us what to do, and he has been doing a lot of the work to help us. We could not be happier that he has been able to help us, and we welcome him back any time because we can see the difference in our kids. They are going to succeed because Keith Mann helped us when we needed it.

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