Changing a Society’s Perception towards Autism through Music

Sanjay Shah and his wife Usha started Autism Rocks, an invitation-only live concert based in London, with an aim of changing the society’s perception towards those suffering from autism. This was after one of their sons, Nikhil, was diagnosed with Autism in 2011.

Autism is a behavioral disorder that affects the development of the brain. Affected children face difficulties in communication due to their inability to coordinate with the environment around them.

In UK, one in every one hundred people is affected by autism. The number of persons affected by autism is increasing yet the cause and cure of the disease have not been established.

For this reason, Sanjay Shah Denmark family started Autism Rocks in 2014 to raise funds aimed at supporting autism research. The family believed that with enough funds, the center could find a solution to autism and help many people overcome the challenges they faced due the medical condition.

Autism Rocks organizes live music concerts as a way of spearheading autism awareness campaigns and to generate funds for the charity. The live concerts feature popular musicians like Drake, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello and Joss Stone.

Besides music concerts, the Autism Rocks Foundation organizes other fun events like laser tag, bouncy castles, horse rides, inflatable rides, and petting zoos to attract families. Sanjay incorporated artists in the concert since they could help them reach a wide youthful audience with the information on autism.

Sanjay Shah was first compelled to use his medical background to find more about autism. However, he realized there was still too much that was not known regarding the unique needs of people living with autism. Subsequently, he opted to raise funds through music and finance advanced research on the condition.

Shah had studied medicine in college but preferred to join the financial and investment industry after graduating. He started his career working with investment banks like Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. However, he lost his job during the 2009 financial crisis and could not secure another one.

For this reason, he started Solo Capital market, a company that gives financial services to its clients. The firm is amongst the principal organizations that generate huge revenue from proprietary trading and professional sports investment.

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