Jim Hunt’s Contribution Towards the Growth of VTA Publications

VTA Publications is a private limited company incorporated on 3rd December 2012. Its headquarters are located in Norfolk. The firm has been in operation for almost four years with only one director. VTA Publication is a non-fiction publisher specializing in distance learning courses. Also, the company organizes events for the corporate sector. The company was formed to outsource experts from different fields and bring them together to create a platform where customers can receive investment advice. VTA endeavors to empower its clients with advanced economic and financial advisory services. Furthermore, it acts as a booking agent for seminars and events. Also, it trains its clients on how to generate revenues through commodities and Forex. The company has earned the reputation as one of the largest providers of long-distance learning.

Over the years, VTA publication has gained fame as a reliable investment advisor. It strives to help the middle-class Americans become successful by providing reliable tips on how to trade stocks. Just recently, the company launched VTA’s Wealth Wave to help low-income earners manage their wealth.

About Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt is a well-established entrepreneur with significant impact on the investment advisory sector. He is better known for propelling the growth of the financial investment industry. Jim is the brain behind the success of VTA Publications. Currently, he serves as the CEO of VTA Publications as well as a financial consultant. Jim became famous for his vast knowledge and expertise in the stock market. He is a veteran in spotting market trends, sharing the information on You Tube, and speculating financial future changes. Currently, Jim provides investment advice online through his company VTA Publication.

Jim Hunt is famous for his inter-personal relationships with his clients. He trains amateurs on how to trade in the stock market through the internet. Apart from being a consultant, Jim works as a writer and a web developer in the United Kingdom.


Sam Tabar Is Appointed As FullCycle Energy Fund’s COO


FullCycle Energy Fund has named Sam Tabar as its new chief operating officer. The new post will see the experienced executive develop FullCycle’s fund management strategy, a key factor in ensuring that the company achieves its goal and missions. This announcement was made in December 2015.
Sam Tabar could not hide his joy following his appointment. He said that the new opportunity would give him the chance to use his experience in fund management strategies to save the environment. He pointed out the important role that the FullCycle Energy Fund is playing towards providing the society with cheap and renewable sources. Sam believes that the company will only be able to achieve its goal if he cooperates with other senior leaders at the firm.
The shift from expensive and environmentally unfriendly sources to cheap and clean sources has been inhibited in the past. Inadequate funding has caused this challenge. FullCycle hopes to change this situation by funding promising projects. How good Tabar does his job will directly translate to the success of the company.
FullCycle Energy Fund was founded in 2013. The organization aims to bring cheap and clean energy to the society through funding new projects. These clean energy sources are critical for powering the growing communities around the world because of their low carbon footprint.
Sam Tabar has a long history in overseeing budget strategies. His first experience with budgets was when he joined Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) to serve as the head of capital strategy. In his position, Tabar had to work closely with the bank’s fund managers and its institutional clients. Through his initiatives, the bank has succeeded in its growth objectives. Sam Tabar has also worked as the co-head of marketing at Sparx Group. At this largest independent fund in Asia Pacific, he was charged with the duty of managing the institution’s global marketing efforts.
Tabar is a renowned entrepreneur, with tons of credits to his name on LinkedIn. He has invested his money in Tribute and SheThinx. The latter is engaged in supplying sanitary towels to women in Africa. Tabar is a professionally trained lawyer. He holds a Masters of Law degree from the esteemed Columbia Law School. Before joining the financial world, he worked for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom, which is a successful law firm.

Keith Mann Taught Us How To Fundraise For The School

We have been trying to do fundraising for our school for a long time because we know that we need to take the initiative to get this done if we are going to have a better school. Me and a lot of the other parents have been organizing events for a while, but I have no way of knowing if we are doing the best thing. Keith Mann fixed all that when he came into our community and taught us how to fundraise for our school. We have been trying to do that for a while, but he wanted to show us the best way to make this work for the people in our community.

He has raised money for our schools more than once, and he has shown us that there is a better way to raise more money in less events. He works with us, and he has been committed to all our kids by also having his own scholarship for college seniors. The kids who are applying for this scholarship are going to go off to college and make a difference, and we want the kids who are still in school to have better schools to be in.

He has been showing us what to do, and he has been doing a lot of the work to help us. We could not be happier that he has been able to help us, and we welcome him back any time because we can see the difference in our kids. They are going to succeed because Keith Mann helped us when we needed it.

The Remarkable Leadership Abilities of Dick DeVos

The Michigan-based entrepreneur and investor, Dick DeVos, is continuously coming up with new strategies for expanding his business empire. He has spent his entrepreneurial career working in several executive positions at the NBA’s Orlando Magic, Amway, and The Windquest Group. He has established himself as a powerful philanthropist and political donor.


Early life


DeVos developed a passion for business at a young age. He received unconditional support from his parents, who assigned him minor roles of operating the family business (Amway Corporation). DeVos and his brother graduated from showing the guests around during Amway’s convention to giving product demonstrations. Upon completing his high school studies, he joined Northwood University and earned a degree in business administration.


Business career


DeVos landed his first job at Amway Corporation in 1974 and held leadership positions in several divisions such as research and development, marketing, manufacturing, finance, and sales. In 1984, he was appointed as one of the company’s vice presidents in charge of Amway’s operations in 18 nations. He spearheaded the opening of several new markets and tripled global sales to surpass the national sales.


DeVos’ family purchased NBA’s Orlando Magic in 1991. The family named DeVos as the CEO and president of the basketball franchise. He held the role for three years and rejoined Amway as the President. Under his leadership, the company increased its presence in over 50 nations and regions on six continents. In 2000, DeVos directed a revolutionary capital restructuring, which formed Alticor (new parent firm) and other subsidiary companies. Within 20 months, Alticor cut more than 1,300 jobs in Michigan region. DeVos and Doug DeVos (his brother) have been instrumental in the growth of Alticor. They have set new standards in the market.


Charity work


Apart from success in business and politics, DeVos has been a reliable leader in a broad range of community projects. He is the pioneer of Education Freedom Fund that awarded over 4,000 scholarships to needy kids in Michigan to pursue an aviation course at West Michigan Aviation Academy. He has been in charge of various healthcare improvement projects in the Grand Rapids Area.


Dick DeVos heads the Grand Rapids-based Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which has contributed thousands of dollars to artistic, educational, religious, civic, free-market economic, and community-based organizations since 1990. Some of the local beneficiaries include Kids Hope USA, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Mars Hill Bible Church, and so forth. Since 2009, the foundation has financed the ArtPrize, a popular art competition held in Grand Rapids.

Read more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dick-devos

Changing a Society’s Perception towards Autism through Music

Sanjay Shah and his wife Usha started Autism Rocks, an invitation-only live concert based in London, with an aim of changing the society’s perception towards those suffering from autism. This was after one of their sons, Nikhil, was diagnosed with Autism in 2011.

Autism is a behavioral disorder that affects the development of the brain. Affected children face difficulties in communication due to their inability to coordinate with the environment around them.

In UK, one in every one hundred people is affected by autism. The number of persons affected by autism is increasing yet the cause and cure of the disease have not been established.

For this reason, Sanjay Shah Denmark family started Autism Rocks in 2014 to raise funds aimed at supporting autism research. The family believed that with enough funds, the center could find a solution to autism and help many people overcome the challenges they faced due the medical condition.

Autism Rocks organizes live music concerts as a way of spearheading autism awareness campaigns and to generate funds for the charity. The live concerts feature popular musicians like Drake, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello and Joss Stone.

Besides music concerts, the Autism Rocks Foundation organizes other fun events like laser tag, bouncy castles, horse rides, inflatable rides, and petting zoos to attract families. Sanjay incorporated artists in the concert since they could help them reach a wide youthful audience with the information on autism.

Sanjay Shah was first compelled to use his medical background to find more about autism. However, he realized there was still too much that was not known regarding the unique needs of people living with autism. Subsequently, he opted to raise funds through music and finance advanced research on the condition.

Shah had studied medicine in college but preferred to join the financial and investment industry after graduating. He started his career working with investment banks like Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. However, he lost his job during the 2009 financial crisis and could not secure another one.

For this reason, he started Solo Capital market, a company that gives financial services to its clients. The firm is amongst the principal organizations that generate huge revenue from proprietary trading and professional sports investment.

Brad Reifler, CEO Forefront Capital Management Company, Advice on Investment Guidelines

Brad Reifler is a serial investor and entrepreneur. He is widely known for being the Forefront Capital Management Company founder since 2009. He is also the former founding partner, CEO, and Chairman of Pali Capital, a worldwide financial services company. Before founding Pali Capital, he was a trader in the star at Refco. Reifler Trading Company, his first business, was acquired by Refco in 2000. Brad Reifler is a director at Foresight Research Solutions, European America Investment Bank, Genesis Securities.

Furthering his sole commitment to the common investors, Reifler has done an excellent breakdown of the film “The Money Monster,” for PR Newswire. Brad talked about the similar things that are seen in the movie to the ordinary investor. Noting to such an extent of how challenging and dangerous the markets can appear for those that are not well prepared for the pitfalls that are in possibilities.

As any investor that seeks to have their losses kept at the minimum level, an education on the ways in which they can manage the pitfalls is very essential but often comes with a price in experience. Being aware of the principles of sound investment makes the difference between suffering repetitive losses or acquiring substantial gain. Brad Reifler, the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital, is acquainted well with both investment ideas in the market; the one percent of all investors that are mandated by the government for capital investment on public funds, hedge funds and commodity funds – as well as the 99 percent of the remaining population that does not have the wealth and are therefore not allowed by the government as investors to invest into the funds directly.

In his recent article, Brad Reifler has his insights shared on investment for all Americans. These are the tips that make the average person well on their present way into becoming successful investors. They include:
• Refrain as much as you can from investing all your money in the stock market and the safety of your money should be your highest priority.
• Let it be easy to trust your fund managers
• Have clear objectives of what you are investing in.

Hotel Industry Satisfaction

Terry Baltes Real Estate

Based on research by J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, the hotel industry has reached the ultimate customer satisfaction level. The guests can now access amenities that were once considered exclusive like Wi-Fi, executive bedding, and even complimentary breakfasts.

To come up with the results, the study, which is now in its 20th year, examines general satisfaction in the following hotel sections in which hotels ranked as follows:
• Upper upscale-Omni Hotels& Resorts
• Upscale-Hilton Garden Inn
• Upper midscale-Drury Hotels
• Midscale-Wingate
• Economy/budget-Microtel Inn & Suites
• Upper extended stay-Hyatt House
• Extended stay-Homes2 Suites by Hilton
• Luxury-The Ritz-Carlton

In the above segments, a close examination is done on reservations, guestrooms, check-in/check-out, cost and fees, hotel services, hotel facilities, and beverages. It is notable that hotel satisfaction has been on the increase for four consecutive years now; however, the increase in percentage is much lower as compared to the preceding years.

According to Rick Garlic, a leader at J.D Power, customers appreciate the exceptional services that they get, but once they become too comfortable, they demand something different. Therefore, the hotel owners have to think of an active routine to appease the clients.

Even though most segments are now constant, the luxury segment has improved, and it is giving the customers the extra value that they want. The study also shows that satisfaction is higher among hotel rewards program members as opposed to non-members. Notably, the older guests register the highest percentage of members as compared to the younger lot.

The main findings of the research are:
1. Only 3% of the clients utilize the online bookings, but they still get the highest satisfaction.
2. The guests are most pleased with the free Wi-Fi, parking, and breakfast.
3. The posts on social media show that most of the clients are satisfied with the services that they are receiving in the hotels.

When it comes to real estate listings, Terry Baltes is a household name. Baltes is an expert in property matters, and he has sold many assets.

Baltes founded the Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd, a company that sells property. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a triple Bachelor of Science Degree in Real Estate, Marketing, and Finance.

Town Residential Cemented As New York’s Top Luxury Real Estate Firm

The mega real estate corporation Town Residential opened it’s headquarter doors in 2010. Now, with seven diverse offices, it has quickly raced to the top as New York state’s premier provider of luxury real estate. Town is equipped with an enormous team of best in business professionals, seven of whom were honored with awards in June 2016 as “The Thousand Top Real Estate Professionals” in the U.S. Not only does the firm lead in the sale of luxury residential properties, but also in multi-family development, leasing, marketing and commercial properties.

In 2016 alone Town has already represented over 150 residential buyers and sellers. The large majority of clients processed transactions beyond the $5MM mark. With hundreds of exclusive contracts in New York City market alone, Town offers luxury home selections that can be found nowhere else. This being the case, the firm attracts an audience of high profile buyers seeking the highest quality living New York state can provide.

With a team of over 500 industry veterans Town Residential can ensure expert knowledge of neighborhoods and gives dedicated focus to every client’s bottom line. What sets Town light-years apart from other real estate offices is its intense commitment to start to finish client satisfaction and compassionate care. Town representatives have a celebrated history of assisting with executive and family relocation for both those in the U.S. and those coming internationally. Town qualifies a client’s housing needs and then hand selects the most fitting options. After closing, Town representatives assist in covering all details from utility setup, private neighborhood tours and interior design.

Rental properties handled through Town are booming with high occupancy, as well. In cities all across New York monthly rents collected by the company exceed the $5,000 and $10,000 levels. Condominiums, apartments and townhomes under Town management are some of the most chic options for upscale living on the market today. Residents enjoy spacious layouts of varied size and state-of-the-art amenities. Unique amenity packages at several different locations include doorman and concierge service, private screening rooms, board rooms, sunning decks and private fitness centers.

Town’s Development division is unsurpassed when dealing with new construction opportunities. Market analysis and research reports are supplied to clients rapidly so strategy can be developed. Once construction is complete, marketing and lease-up is accomplished maximizing profits and positioning buyers for long term success.

With record breaking numbers annually and a working model of full transparency, Town Residential is cemented as one of the east coast’s most successful real estate firms. By all estimation trends will continue the same allowing the company to further expand in the coming years.