The Diverse Interests of Michael Zomber

He thought that he would have a totally different career path. However, life has taken him on an amazing journey that he admits he would never change if he had the power to do so. He earned degrees in both English and psychology in college. He was not sure exactly what career he was going to pursue. His logic was simply that two degrees were better than one. He figured that many employers would be beating a path to his door to hire a guy who has two degrees because so few people can make that claim.

Michael continued his studies by getting a master’s degree in English literature. He was briefly interested in becoming a college professor. However, that goal quickly went away when he realized that he did not want to spend the rest of his life grading papers. He took some time off after college and traveled the world. Michael experienced new cultures and created some friendships that he has maintained. He also used this time to contemplate his future. He finally decided that it would be best for him to avoid having a typical job like most people. Zomber knew from a very early age that he was not ideally suited to be an office worker sitting in a cubicle and staring at a computer screen for eight hours each day. He knew that he was meant for something greater than that.

Michael began collecting old guns after a friend introduced him to the hobby. He had never had a passion for any sort of collecting before. He quickly found that his entire life was consumed by the hobby of gun collecting. It filled him with a great sense of pride whenever he would be able to acquire a rare gun that he had been looking for. His collection has become legendary at this point. It is considered to be one of the most comprehensive of its kind.  This would lead to Zomber forming his own film company, and writing a series of historical novels.

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