The Diverse Interests of Michael Zomber

He thought that he would have a totally different career path. However, life has taken him on an amazing journey that he admits he would never change if he had the power to do so. He earned degrees in both English and psychology in college. He was not sure exactly what career he was going to pursue. His logic was simply that two degrees were better than one. He figured that many employers would be beating a path to his door to hire a guy who has two degrees because so few people can make that claim.

Michael continued his studies by getting a master’s degree in English literature. He was briefly interested in becoming a college professor. However, that goal quickly went away when he realized that he did not want to spend the rest of his life grading papers. He took some time off after college and traveled the world. Michael experienced new cultures and created some friendships that he has maintained. He also used this time to contemplate his future. He finally decided that it would be best for him to avoid having a typical job like most people. Zomber knew from a very early age that he was not ideally suited to be an office worker sitting in a cubicle and staring at a computer screen for eight hours each day. He knew that he was meant for something greater than that.

Michael began collecting old guns after a friend introduced him to the hobby. He had never had a passion for any sort of collecting before. He quickly found that his entire life was consumed by the hobby of gun collecting. It filled him with a great sense of pride whenever he would be able to acquire a rare gun that he had been looking for. His collection has become legendary at this point. It is considered to be one of the most comprehensive of its kind.  This would lead to Zomber forming his own film company, and writing a series of historical novels.

Kevin Seawright Works Overtime To Improve Community Stability

Founder of RPS Solutions Kevin Seawright recently sat down with Larry Young of the Larry Young Morning Show to discuss the project and the goals of his new company. RPS Solutions LLC was founded in 2015 as a joint partnership venture with an aim of reconstructing affordable housing home in Baltimore City. Seawright says that the inspiration behind RPS was their passion for home ownership. It is difficult for individuals purchasing their first home to obtain a loan, or get a good interest rate. The company focuses heavily on first time home buyers attempting to creating more opportunities for them to purchase homes. Their overall goal is to increase the rate of homeownership in the Baltimore area well beyond 48%. He believes that the stability of the neighbor and surrounding community rely heavily on the ability to keep it occupied.

Kevin Seawright is highly known and widely respected for his business ventures and expertise. He is he current Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation He is also known for his success in helping reestablish businesses and the ability to help increase their capital. Today, Seawright is highly respected as one of the most experienced and successful economic strategist in the country. Though he is already an MBA, he currently attends Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business for Executive Leadership. He has received a number of awards for his achievements and contributions including the Bridges to the Future award presented by MetLife. Kevin has worked tirelessly for over 10 years to increase the stability of his community and the surrounding communities and is truly committed to the betterment of others.  For further reading, check out the great article on XRepublic on Seawright’s history.

Dick DeVos Named as One of the Top Philanthropists

According to a recent source, Dick DeVos and his family have been recognized as one of the top charity givers in the nation. The source has also stated that Dick DeVos has contributed a sum of over $1 billion over his lifetime. As a result he has established a ranking of 20th out of 50 of the nations most well known philanthropists. With this recognition Dick is known as someone who is truly wealth according to the morale of his home area of West Michigan. After reaching this milestone, Dick DeVos hopes that this will help encourage more people to get involved in philanthropy and give out more of their money to charitable causes.

Over the course of his lifetime Dick DeVos has established himself as one of the more well rounded individuals that you will know of. First he has been a very successful and prominent business leader as the chief executive officer of Amway. This company is known as the top direct selling business in the entire United States. With Amway a number of products are sold through independent sellers which provides a unique market niche in the retail industry. As well as being the CEO of the most successful direct selling company, DeVos has also been owner of the Orlando Magic NBA Basketball team. He has also been involved in politics in which he ran for governor in the state of Michigan. Lastly he participates in an annual sailing competition in Florida.

While business and politics have been what made Dick DeVos accumulate his wealth, he is very active in charitable giving. Over the years he has donated large sums of money to a variety of causes. One of the most common causes he has donated for is the performing arts. Each year DeVos gives out millions of dollars to many arts organizations. These donations help finance professional development for managers. As a result they will get the knowledge and expertise they need to improve the overall quality of their respective organization. He also finances an arts contest which gives artists an opportunity to show their work to others and earn incentives at the same time.

Another charitable cause Dick DeVos donates for is education. On a regular basis DeVos donates money in the form of scholarships for business students. There are a number of individuals who wish to attend business school but the costs are often too high. However the scholarships that DeVos offers give students the opportunity to have the funds necessary to attend and complete the MBA program. As a result they will have the means to achieve career advancement and become top level managers at numerous companies thanks to the aid of Dick DeVos’ philanthropy.

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New York Keeps Attracting Investors

Europe has always held a lot of glamour for the rest of the world, but there’s no question that New York City has always been a place that combines a lot of grit with its native glamour.  New York has weathered many ups and downs over the years, including a brush with bankruptcy in the 1970s and a shaky period following the 2008 economic meltdown. Today, however, New York is back and looking better than ever, especially to foreign investors.

Right now many foreign investors are fleeing from Europe, in what is called a “flight to quality.” Europe is going through extreme shakiness right now, especially in the wake of the recent “Brexit” vote. With Britain’s leadership unstable, and the fate of the European Union unknown, investors are quite wary of putting a lot of money into property there.

A Need For Real Estate Professionals With Solid Market Understanding

Given the intense interest in quality properties in New York, the demand for informed real estate professionals here is high. TOWN Residential is one of the top firms now advising real estate clients on NYC apartments for sale, due to the quality of its staff. Since launching in 2010, TOWN has become the go-to firm for investors seeking quality properties here. With its combination of market savvy and high client service, TOWN is the firm of choice for investors who want quality they can depend on.

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