Talk Fusion Offers  New Website And Payment Oppertunity For Assicoates

Talk Fusion has been at the top of their game this past year, and this summer included a big announcement when they redesigned their website and began their instant pay option. Talk Fusion is a leading communications company that offers an array of services that aim to make it easier for people and businesses to stay connected. Their services include video email, a mobile app, video newsletters, e-subscriptions, video auto responders, video blogging, video sharing, a fusion wall where people can connect and share their videos and see how they rank, and a way to connect and host webinars. The company has been around since 2007 and has created not only a top notch product that has been the recipient of numerous award, but also a way to change financial situations through their opportunity to become a Talk Fusion Associate. The company offers both their services and associate opportunities in over 140 countries and is still growing.

The new website the company unveiled this summer is more user friendly and showcases their exciting community and products as well as makes it easy to get support. It also promotes the exciting opportunity to work with Talk Fusion and help sell their products. Talk Fusion Associates receive exciting perks like opportunities to earn vacation packages, and a Mercedes-Benz.

Along with a newly redesigned website, Talk Fusion also launched This new website will offer associates access to get paid instantly for their work for the company. It will also provide them with access to an inspirational Opportunity Presentation video created by Talk Fusion CEO and founder, Bob Reina. This video shares his vision and experience with his team members and helps them find the drive and path for success. It will also give a comprehensive peek at some of the amazing functions, features, and advantages that are offered by Talk Fusion. for more.

Stephen Rotella, Finance Expert, Philanthropist, and Artist

Stephen Rotella is the President of StoneCastle partners, LLC, a New York Financial Service, and Cash Management company.


Recently StoneCastle announced the purchase of Intermedium Financial, an insured deposit sweep business which will include their Fin Tech platform and all related assets of InterLINKTM. The acquisition of this company will not only complement their technology-driven company but will allow them to grow and will greatly expand the options for their distribution.


StoneCastle serves the insured investment needs of its institutional clients plus they have one of the largest networks of banks in the country. This acquisition coincides with SEC and DOL pending regulatory reforms making it possible for StoneCastle to apply their financial solutions to registered investment advisors, brokerage firms and any other financial entity that is dealing with some extraordinary historic opportunities and challenges while providing growing assets and profit along with client value.


Stephen Rotella has also been, in his career, the President and Chief Operating Officer for WaMu in Seattle, J.P. Morgan as CEO for Chase Home Finance, from 1987-2005, Shearson Lehman Inc. in the Greater New York area as Vice President. He also boasts other skills such as Lending Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Cash Management,and Credit Business Strategy, just to name a few


He attended the University at Albany, SUNY and got his M.B.A in Business Administration, Information Technology, and Finance from 1976-1978. Stony Brook University for a Bachelors Degree in Economics from 1971-1975.


Stephen Rotella is an active philanthropist and has been elected as the New Chairman to the Lift National Board of Directors. He has been instrumental in proving council to parents of young children to address the poverty cycle in the United States. His involvement in the community focuses on helping the underprivileged. He is also a superb artist in his own right with oil on canvas paintings.

One Planet Awards Names Troy McQuagge As The CEO Of The Year

Earning recognition from the prestigious award program, One Planet Awards, is an achievement that many professionals highly covet. One Planet Awards is a program that recognizes the world’s best innovation, leadership, new products and services, corporate performance, corporate social responsibility, CEO case studies and other milestones in all industries. To participate in the program, companies are required to submit their nominations in different categories. The judges of the award named Troy McQuagge as 2016 CEO of the Year. This award recognizes his outstanding leadership at USHEALTH Group, Inc., a Texas-based insurance holding company. The corporation offers innovative health coverage services for small business owners and self-employed persons.

Troy joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 where he developed efficient business models and strategies. He successfully re-built the company’s subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, an achievement that was accompanied with a promotion to serve as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group. Since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth and profitability in the highly competitive industry of health insurance. Upon receiving the award, Troy appreciated the entire team at USHEALTH for their continuous commitment to deliver innovative solutions that are in tune with the growing needs of their customers. He has provided leadership by combining diverse talents of employees and agents to develop the most competitive and profitable insurance products.

About Troy McQuagge

Driven by a deep passion for health insurance for quality life, Troy has served in the competitive field for over 30 years. During this period, he has acquired different business skills that make his operations successful. Previously, he served as the president and CEO of HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group. Here, he successfully led the company to achieve an annual sales volume of over $1 billion. He served the corporation for over a decade. During his tenure, Troy sharpened his skills in hiring, PR, recruiting and marketing. He has continuously exhibited innovative marketing strategies and world-class leadership skills that have earned him recognition and accolades.

In 2007, McQuagge was named the winner of Hiring and Recruiting Program of the Year by the Stevie Awards. The year 2016 was a fruitful one for Troy. He was named the Most Innovative CEO of the Year. In addition, CEO World Awards presented him with The CEO of the Year awards. USHEALTH Group is also a recipient of the 2016 Silver Stevie Award for the Field Sales Team of the Year and Sales Growth Achievement of the Year. This double recognition in the course of one year warranted USHEALTH Group a Gold Stevie Award as the Company of the Year in the Insurance category. In the same year, Golden Bridge Awards honored the company as the “Company of the Year Financial, Accounting, Banking and Insurance.”


Why Online Reputation Management Is So Important

His reputation precedes him. This is the case in many circumstances in life. When applying for a new job, the potential employer wants to know how about their interviewee’s reputation for efficiency, diligence, and punctuality. Similarly, when somebody is in college or high school, her reputation will define her. People make a lot of assumptions and can be very judgmental without even knowing an individual. The Internet is no different. A brand’s reputation will define the future of the company. In this article, the author points out the benefits to outsourcing reputation management to a professional organization.

Time, Resources, And Competence

Imagine that you come down with an illness and you need some medical care. A friend of yours tells you that you should not bother. She says that she is a very competent person, and if she applies herself, she will be able to provide you with the necessary medical care that you need. While she may be a competent person, you would probably not trust her to conduct your medical affairs.

Similarly, digital marketing is a legitimate academic discipline. People receive graduate degrees in it. Even if you have the time and the resources (which you might not) to navigate through the complex world of online reputation management, it could be easy to overlook some of the specific nuances of the field. Outsourcing to a professional organization would be akin to going to the doctor when you are feeling sick.

It Won’t Go Away If You Ignore It

That principle might have been true in high school or college. You do something embarrassing. People see it and have a laugh and then they forget a week later. But while the human memory fails, the Internet will remember. Ignoring a negative article that smears your reputation will be detrimental. Consumers will always be able to conduct a google search for your name and find that article. You cannot run away from it. It needs to be addressed by a professional organization.

Outsourcing to professionals is a natural part of life. If you need your vehicle repaired, you go to the mechanic. If your reputation is in disrepair, you consult with a reputation management company.


Julie Zuckerberg – the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead

If you are looking forward to work in the financial services industry, you may see it necessary to try your luck and contact a recruitment lead for the job. One of the official enrollment leads at Deutsche Bank is Julie Zuckerberg. The Vice President and executive recruitment lead Julie Zuckerberg has worked for a couple of various organizations as an official recruitment lead. Currently, Julie is a VP and official talent enlistment lead for Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is a banking business investment that began in 1870, Germany. Julie Zuckerberg is presently situated in Manhattan, New York City.

Julie’s previous work experience began at Hudson staffing and recruitment. She began her position there in 2002 and remained there for an additional five years. She conducted her job there as a candidate placement for paralegals, attorneys, support staffing and case managers for law firms. While in October 2007, she moved onto the financial services business Citi and at Citi, she acted as a VP and enrollment specialist. Julie worked with contracting more representatives for Citi and conducted some employee training on the services that Citi offers, for example, the Citi Cards. Come 2013, Julie shifted onto New York Life Insurance Company where she became the senior Vice President and senior recruiter at New York Life Insurance Company.

Julie’s work aptitudes incorporate different talent acquisition capacities. She is moreover talented with interviewing skills, leadership, conflict resolution, strategy, employee training, human resources, coaching, succession planning, and applicant tracking systems. Julie Zuckerberg went to the City University of New York Brooklyn College and the New York Law School. She did her philosophy studies at the City University of New York Brooklyn College before going ahead to study law at the New York Law School after completing her philosophy course.

Julie Zuckerberg started her career in Hudson as the chief of candidate placement between November 2002 and October 2007 where she led recruitment of lawyers, caseworkers, paralegals, and care staff for various firms. The positions were both on perpetual and transitory contract terms. Her customers were financial institutions, reputable law firms and big corporations. She additionally assisted to resolve conflicts in workplace by going about as the link between clients and employees to guarantee consistence with the Employment Act.

In 2007, Julie shifted to Citi Global Functions as an official enrollment specialist, an organization she served until 2011. She gave a full life-cycle official enlistment for senior level staff in Auditing, Compliance, and Legal fields. Julie presented inventive enlistment strategies like online networking, coordinate sourcing, worker referral, and web look. Amid her time at Citi she offered selecting services for chief and overseeing executive positions for CitiCards and a Consumer Marketing firm, Citi Global. Moreover, she led the development and negotiations of complex occupation offers including migration, clawbacks, differed awards and equity buyouts.

Before working with the Deutsche Bank, Julie worked for the New York Life Insurance Company and Citi Global Consumer Bank as an official scout. She rose to upper positions in the bank in 2015 and immediately rose to the position of Executive Talent Acquisition Manager. She teams up with business pioneers from Private Wealth & Commercial Clients, Global Technology & Operations, and Asset Management to drive worldwide talent procurement systems and process change.


Christanna Bevin: Professional And Innovative As a Project Manager

Christanna Bevin is a project manager who keeps herself busy. She resides in Australia where she manages a lot of construction projects. As a project manager, she looks over the contract of the project. At the same time, she makes sure that the construction aspects of the project is going according to plans. While she is very professional about getting the work done, she is also friendly. She takes the time to develop a good relationship with her clients. This helps her better serve them. A large part of service is in the relationship. The client and the provider have to establish good communication for each other. That way, the project can go more smoothly. Also, the client could trust the service provider for more projects.


One of the reasons that Christanna Bevin is successful is that she is versatile. She takes on projects of various types and sizes. Therefore, she is able to approach any request with confidence. As she oversees the project, she is able to come up with plans to bring these proposals to life. She is also deeply involved with others in order to make sure that they know how to proceed with the project. She is not only trustworthy to clients, but she is also showing herself to be a major team player that is not afraid to get dirty with the other workers.


Christanna is also knowledgeable about what to look for in a professional. When she recommends someone for a job, it is because she knows that the individual is qualified for the job. Overall, Christanna Bevin has a grasp of the full picture. At the same time, she knows how to handle the details of the project. This is a great combination when it comes to construction projects because this will ensure that the end result is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also structurally solid.



Talk Fusion 2016 Year Award

Talk Fusion is the first world Video Marketing solution and focuses on advertisements. Technology Marketing Corporation awarded Talk Fusion’s revolutionary Video Chat Product the Communication Solution Product of the Year Award. The award was the second in 2016 from the integrated media giant. The Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award honors special services and product that enable video communication, data, and voice have improved over the last one year. The award showed that Talk Fusion had the best product and solutions in the market.

Talk Fusion uses the power of WebRTC technology to allow users to communicate face to face with anyone on any device. You can easily find the Video Chat App in the Google play stores and also in the iTunes. It makes communication become accessible, and also has increased trust within the online business sector as the willing buyer can call and communicate with the seller one on one. Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Office said that it was just the beginning as his talented Information technology team had a big plan for the future of Video Marketing Solution. The team is dedicated to working to improve the current condition of the video to make it better.

Ryan Page, Chief Technical Officer, viewed this as a great achievement and as a confirmation of a bigger goal as it showed how the Talk Fusion team is innovative and efficient. Talk Fusion also introduced Free Trials and launched a new site geared towards helping Talk Fusion Associates and users reach more clients.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007, and its primary purpose was to help businesses stand out from increase sales, profits, competition as well as to make their customers loyal. Talk Fusion provides many ways that make marketing more persuasive, memorable and engaging. Talk Fusion products are marketed all over the world person to person by Different Associates.

The Midas Legacy – Helping People Manage Their Finance Smartly For A Financially Secure Future

The Midas Legacy, headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida, is one of the prominent names in the field of economic research and offers wealth advisory services. The company helps individuals manage their income, plan for their retirement, or simply guide them to invest well for a better and more secure future. The main aim of the company is to save people from making common mistakes that people with little or no knowledge about investing or managing their money. The advice offered by the agency assist clients to get on the right track, so that they are able to live a full-filling life, free from financial worries.

As the world becomes more competitive and financial market continues to show its potential as a volatile playground that can turn life upside down without notice, it is important to have a financial strategy in place that can rescue when the primary plan is not effective. And, this is where The Midas Legacy and its team of highly professional and experienced finance professionals come into the picture. They don’t only analyze at your finance but also incorporates your lifestyle, future goals, and other personal and professional objectives into consideration when guiding you towards investment, retirement planning or financial planning in general. They are professional enough to be competitive but friendly enough to care and this is what sets their financial services apart from other counterparts in the market.

The Midas Legacy does financial mentoring and after closely assessing your accounts and lifestyle, helps the client to understand where they are going wrong. The agency also helps the clients to understand how to achieve financial independence by looking for investment options available in the market, know more about the parameters that move the market, know more about the alert signals regarding personal finance, and stay disciplined consistently with finance. The firm does not only help in terms of offering financial planning but also helps the person to become a better human being and find inner peace, which effectively also helps in improving health.

The comprehensive service that combines personal and financial well-being is a unique concept that The Midas Legacy offers with the confidence that it would improve and impact the life of their clients positively. The members of the agency are given the Midas Code book, which is the source of wealth of information on how to regain control of personal finance, invest smartly, entrepreneurship, retirement planning, health, and other aspects of life. The Midas Legacy has in their best-selling panel authors, high-end stock market investors and multi-millionaire businessmen and entrepreneurs, and the clients of the agency have their combined expertise at disposable.

Toys for Boys Co-Founder Enthralls Guests at Exclusive Event

Danilo Diaz Granados pulled off yet another incredible feat by organizing an event in Miami for upscale patrons this summer. The TOYS for BOYS co-founder was behind an event whose highlight was an excellent menu, elegant and exceptional reviews, helicopter rides, vintage Dom Perignon champagne, and a boat ride in the sundown. Granados co-founded TOYS for BOYS in 2013, and since then, he has successfully held some very well planned and high profile occasions for elegant guest. Granados said that his intention in holding this exclusive event was to provide his guests with an unparalleled experience where men in Miami can find the most colorful and extraordinary products and places.

Handpicked Guests Get a Rare Treat

Guests were handpicked and indulged in a very private and exclusive breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Sales Center. They also had a rare opportunity of taking a special sneak peek into the hugely awaited residential building in the affluent Biscayne area of Miami. Granados and his guests took a 30-minute helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Track with each of the guest getting an opportunity to hop behind the wheels to have a drive on a racetrack. The guests then jumped into the helicopter and headed back to be presented with the Dom Perignon champagne and lunch at the River Yacht Club on the Miami River with Dom Perignon as the hosts.

About the Toys for Boys Co-Founder

The Toys for Boys co-founder graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics at Babson College. After graduation, his base became Miami, and he worked as an investment advisor and an entrepreneur. He also worked as an Associate of FCP and is the wing liaison for Equity Investments programs at the organization. He has also been an Associate at Fireman Capital Partners since 2015 and worked as a researcher in issues concerned with equity investments and specifically hedge funds, energy efficiency and the advancement of groundbreaking startups. His background has equipped him well for his role as an investment opportunity adviser, and he always makes sagacious decisions even when providing investment consultation for clients.

The Far Reach Of OSI Group To Food Distributors Worldwide

OSI Group has had a highly successful business model and has done a tremendous job marketing their products to clients in the food distribution business.

Recently they bought a UK-based company, Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe has been supplying processed meats, sauces, and various pre-designed entrees to countries across Europe, and they will now have a chance to continue doing so but at a greater capacity. OSI Group will serve as the parent company but will allow Flagship Europe to retain its current leadership and staff and provide them with greater funding for operations. OSI Group has made many acquisitions over the years and have grown into a billion-dollar enterprise.

OSI Group has been a company for more than a century. It was founded in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky who opened a small butcher shop in the growing city of Chicago. It stayed in business for over 40 years before the McDonald’s Corporation entered into a partnership with this shop to supply its meats, and not long after McDonald’s grew into one of the most well-known fast food chains. OSI Group continued to add to its portfolio of client distributors and before long it became one of Chicago’s highest volume production companies.

OSI Group specializes mostly in beef, poultry, and other processed meats. Its meats can be purchased both in raw packages, or precooked and customized into a finished product. Packages include sausages, bacon and breakfast foods, as well as prepackaged sandwiches and even pizza. OSI Group adheres to some of the strictest industry safety regulations and even won the British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Honour for its safety measures.

OSI Group has passed on through the Kolschowsky family to the current owners David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin. But it’s not lost its core values of treating employees and customers like family, as opposed to simply running another corporation by the book. OSI Group has long maintained a practice of offering or attempting to retain current employees whenever they buy a new plant, and seeking to increase job opportunities. OSI Group has plants operating throughout the US, Europe and East Asia.