George Soros Instigates Social Progress in Return to Politics

The world of politics seems to change every single day, every single hour, and every single moment. With the election of President Trump, a statement that is still odd to acknowledge, all rules seem to have been thrown out the window. With that being said, however, there has been some silver lining for progressives who value their beliefs. George Soros is one of the most noted progressives in the world as well as the most giving philanthropist that we can think of. For a while Soros had been sitting on the sidelines of the political world but now he appears to have returned, ready to fully embrace his role as opposition to the destructive agenda of President Trump.

George Soros of course returned during the middle of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The rise in prominence of Donald Trump as a real GOP nominee helped to get Soros off of the sidelines and ready to get back into the game. Soros returned by bringing back his trademark enthusiasm and investment abilities to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Soros has previous experience working with politicians as they run for the highest office in the world, so his experience and his financial backing were immediately important for Democrats and progressives everywhere.

The 2016 Presidential Election is definitely one for the history books and it includes some rock solid financial backing and political maneuvering by George Soros. Soros would go on to donate nearly $25 million across several different Democratic platforms, including $7 million to a Pro-Clinton Super PAC. Despite these high profile donations, Clinton would end up barely losing in a contentious and controversial election. Still, the return of Soros is an action that is going to have long ranging repercussions in a good way for Democrats and a bad way for conservatives as they try to bludgeon America with their agenda. Learn more about his profile at

Historically speaking George Soros made his biggest impact in politics back in 2004 when he backed Presidential nominee Al Gorge against the incumbent President George Bush. Soros would throw around his heavy weight behind Gore in order to try and get the progressive minded man into office. This didn’t happen, despite controversy, and Soros sat on the sidelines for a while as he opted instead to focus on his Open Society Foundations.

Philanthropy has been a huge part of the George Soros business model and that has made huge changes in America for the better. George Soros believes strongly in grass roots campaigns from every day, regular people. That is why he put nearly $33 million into grass roots campaigns in and around Ferguson. When the infamous Officer Wilson/Michael Brown shooting hit the press, people were ready to look into the event. Grassroots funded individuals were able to get the Ferguson Protests national attention. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Without people like George Soros funding these grassroots campaigns, we would never see the kind of social justice and equality that America should be prided on. Soros and his return to the political world are going to pay huge dividends in the coming years.

Jim Tananbaum Is Excited About Healthcare Innovation

Jim Tananbaum is a person who loves to network with the healthcare thought leaders. Besides, the family is always his highest priority. This is why he ensures that he has dinner with them. Next, he likes to be with his friends. He realizes the importance of physical fitness and hence does a workout each day for an hour in between his meetings.

Jim Tananbaum knows that it is important to make ideas real. This would require more than just capital. It would also mean engaging the services of the most effective as well as persistent thought leaders in the field of healthcare. He is into the business of giving these leaders in healthcare all the relevant means to make those scientific discoveries which can have a major impact on healthcare.

He is excited about the science that is behind innovation in healthcare. He feels inspired with the ways entrepreneurs are using it to solve the unmet needs of healthcare. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Just getting the tissue, blood or saliva sequenced in order to prevent disease or facilitating treatment requires a use of data science. All these concepts are now being applied in genomic sequencing as well as in drug development. This can be used to lead to much greater biological insights in the next few years.

Jim is an entrepreneur. His focus is on the business side of healthcare. Still, he is an academic who loves learning. He is always looking for the best solutions that science has to offer. This passion along with persistence as well as commitment helps to grow his firm and expand its innovative portfolio.

He does not like it when people working with him do not complement each other or do not complement him. Jim Tananbaum feels that team dynamics are highly important as people are substantially more productive when they are with their partner. But when partners are insecure with each other, there can be several dysfunctional ties that may occur.

Jim Tananbaum feels that he should have always believed more in himself. He always listened to others a lot. Hence he did a lot of compromises. This could have been avoided.

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Eric Pulier’s Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mind

Eric Pulier is a tough multi-talented public figure in the States with interests in entrepreneurship, public speaking, philanthropy, technology, and publication of books. Eric is the owner and leader of several firms including US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Enterprise Clod Leadership Council, Desktone, and ServiceMesh. He is heavily invested in hedge venture capital funds and has a passion for improving society through philanthropy. Eric has made numerous donations to various organizations and venture capital groups. He invests in technology and media inclined firms to improve their financial standings. Apart from his active business and charity engagements, Eric Pulier is a family oriented man with four children and reside in their Los Angeles home in California.


Eric jumpstarts his day with a moment of meditation and reading to activate his intuition and keep his thought process refreshed. He values family time and always ensures that he participates in preparing them for school before embarking on his endeavors. Eric is a strategist who delegates a time to every task allocation to ensure he meets daily demands. Eric understands that his line of work requires a sense of visionary, which is why he is diligent to write down emerging ideas as they occur. Through the process, Eric manages to draft plans for his investments and philanthropy acts.


Eric Pulier started vAtomic Systems to put out disruptive products and services that will revolutionize the economy and the gaming world by focusing on the growth digital items. Such items include mobile GPS, digital marketing and merchandising game mechanics and blockchain technology. Eric Pulier is a technology fanatic who enjoys technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 which has enabled modification of genes permanently. He explains that powerful tech like blockchain could change the direction of future racial expectations, future economy operations and the nature of finances and business contracts.


Eric Pulier is an alumnus of Teaneck High School where he graduated in 1984 before moving on to join Harvard University. Eric’s interest in writing started in school where he wrote regularly for the Harvard Crimson as a student journalist. He earned an undergraduate in American Literature and Arts of English from the institution in 1988 and graduated with a magna cum laude.


Highland Capital Management – Excellence and Growth

Highland Capital Management L. P. is an investment advisor company which is registered and has grown to be one of the largest alternative credit managers on an international scale. Highland Capital Management has a vast number of affiliates. The company is currently managing more than 3 billion USD in assets from all around the world.



Highland Capital Management L. P. specializes in a number of fields. The company does credit strategies, distressed and special situations in terms of private equity, collateralized loan obligations, or CLO for short, alternative investments, natural resources, long and short equities, and much more. The company is excellent at working emerging markets as well. HCM works in many markets such as real estate and more.



Over the 20 years of operation, Highland Capital Management L. P. has grown and expanded overseas. The corporation has several offices on almost all continents. The main headquarters of Highland Capital Management L. P. is set up in Dallas, Texas. There are also offices in New York City, U. S., in Singapore, in Seoul, South Korea, and in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The distribution of the positions has allowed Highland Capital Management to expand the number of clients and markets that they work with.



  1. James Dondero is at the position of president of the large highland capital management. Although he has been occupying the position for only a few years, Mr. James Dondero has made many contributions to the company and has helped optimize the performance of HCM. Mr. James Dondero has many skills such as finance analysis, strategizing, leadership, and much more. Mr. James Dondero completed his higher education at the University of Virginia. He graduated with a bachelor’s in accounting and finance. Afterward, he also received a certification that made him a certified management accountant. Mr. James Dondero has been a part of other financial institutions as well. He has many responsibilities at many places, but his set of skills has made him valuable to each of them. Mr. James Dondero is currently Chairman of a number of Boards such as the Board of NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation, and Cornerstone Healthcare, too.




Samuel Strauch Takes a Look at Some of California’s Best Value Suburbs

Young people often think they must sacrifice the amenities of the city such as access to fine dining, nightclubs and attractions if they are to move out into the suburbs. Samuel Strauch says that this does not have to be the case. It is very possible to be able to enjoy respite in a peaceful suburban neighborhood while having access to all the hustle and bustle of a big city and its attractions. Below are some of the best value suburbs for some of California’s major cities such as San Francisco and San Jose.

Both San Francisco and San Jose are extremely pricey areas to buy a home in. Just take a look at San Fransisco which has an average sales price now of close to $1,100,000. In San Jose, that number is even higher. It has an average sales price now of almost $1,150,000. Talk about expensive housing.

So what are young millennial doing in response to such expensive housing in urban centers such as San Francisco and San Jose? Many are flocking to its suburbs to take advantage of the lower cost of housing while still being able to commute and go out to the city on the weekends. Here are the top suburban communities for San Jose and San Francisco. Click here to know more.

The town of Millpitas, which is outside of San Jose has an average home price of about $850,000. While this is still expensive, it is significantly less expensive than the $1,150,000 price they would pay for a home in San Jose. Millpitas will soon have access to public transit and more housing options, so it looks to be a very attractive suburban community to move to. Instagram photos.

In the San Francisco Bay area, the town of Duplin is a bargain community to reside in. This town has an average home price closer to $900,000. Residents enjoy access to public transit for commutes to San Francisco and even some local attractions and nightclubs. The area is also noted for its better air quality and good schools.

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Cambria – Wine and Empowering Women with Julia Jackson

Basking in the sun of Northern California in the cool maritime climate found in Northern Santa Barbara climate is one of the jewels of the wine-making business. The Jackson family can be found here continuing a tradition that goes back generations, the tradition of delicious wines grown in balance with the earth. Julie Jackson is the spokesperson for Cambria Wines, one of the brands produced by the rich and vibrant grapes that grow in the alluvial soil.

Julia has a strong background for running the family business, having inherited her philosophies and virtues from her parent’s examples. The current world of wines is experiencing a change in how wine is purchased, millennials often find themselves being drawn to artistic and trendy labels and don’t seem to hold much loyalty for any particular brand of wine. Regardless Julia knows that staying the course is going to be the key to success, and is determined to follow the traditions laid out by her family. “We’re not trying to chase short term trends or appeal to a specific audience,” was her statement on the subject. Her time at the Stanford Graduate School of Business has well prepared her to make these decisions, and it has served her well since she took her place as spokesperson and partner in her family business.

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It has also served her well in the creation of the non-profit Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting role models for young women in the media. It takes efforts to recognize those women who have challenged adversity and come out successful in the end. Her favorite wine while being an entrepreneurial superwoman? “Pinot Noir and Chardonnay”, which she believes to hold an unchallenged place as the best wines in Sonoma. If you should find yourself in the presence of one of the Jackson families complex and delicious wines, be sure to pick one up and treat yourself to a taste of Northern California.


Money Market Funds

A money market fund is an open ended mutual fund that that invest in short term debt security. They invest in commercial paper and US treasury bills. Money market funds are as safe as bank deposits and give you a higher yield. They are regulated in the United states with the Investment company act of 1940. Money market funds are unique from different funds because they are made to keep a constant price of 1:00 per share all the time. They only pay interest and never give you capital gains or dividends. One of the most common types of money market funds is one that holds short term securities and can hold treasury bills, commercial paper, bankers’ acceptances, short term CDs, and others. it matures in 120 days or less.

People who want can take the risk of obtaining higher yield for their investors should get a money market fund. They are generally safe to invest in because it is government insured. Investors who keep these funds may risk missing out on profitable rates of return else where.

Bruce Bent II is a finicial expert and businessman who has indepth knowledge of money market funds. So much so, because in 1970 an his father was the founder of the first money market fund. Bruce Bent II learned a lot from his father and later started his own career in the financial sector. Bent II graduated with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from Northeastern. Soon after, he was on his way to being a respected and sought after financial expert. Bruce Bent II added some rules and discipline to the world of money markets. The impact would create an industry that is now over $3.0 trillion and who serves millions of investors.
Brent Bruce II currently works with Double Rock Corporation as the acting president and vice chairman of the board. He has used innovated techniques and stratedgies to help various financial institutions including banks, retail marketers and broker-dealers.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

Equities First – Alternative Lending Has Become A Necessity

The Great Recession is said to have steepened the credit crunch as employment and demand went down, while credit losses within financial institutions surged. According to the vice-chair of US Federal Reserve (Janet Yellen), the grips of the adverse circumstances have been witnessed for some time with the progress of balancing sheet deleveraging spreading to almost every part of the economy. That caused consumers to pull away from purchases, particularly on durable commodities, to enlarge their savings. On the other hand, businesses were witnessed laying off employees and cancelling planned investments to preserve cash. Financial institutions are said to shrink assets to get capital and enhance their opportunity of weathering the present storm. Some analysts said to understood the dynamic well as they had warned of the deleveraging paradox where firms and individuals would take essential and smart precautions to get back the economy to usual status. In that commotion, banks and other lending organizations have been witnessed making the lending rules tighter where only qualified and borrowers who meet certain set standards could secure loans. Alternative lenders have thus done their best to cover the gap that leaves many potential investors stranded and seeking for working capital. Al Christy, the founder and CEO of Equities First had confirmed the increase traction of borrowers seeking stock loans from the firm and with the hurting borrowing trend in conventional organizations, the trend is predicted to go up. Equities First at LinkedIn .

The giant in shareholding lending services, Equities First ( is taking a gander in assisting small organization and individual borrowers have access of affordable and easy capital. Based in Indianapolis, US, the company is running other global offices where it has operated uncountable transactions successfully. Stock-based loans are affordable due to their small percentage that is fixed until the end of the payment time. There are other benefits attached to the product and those seeking for more information can contact the specialists or even visit their site above.

How Dr. Cameron Clokie Became A Top Surgeon In Toronto

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur and surgeon who lives in Toronto, Canada. He founded his company, Induce Bioligics Inc., and serves as its Chief Executive Officer on He is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with a specialty in musculoskeletal reconstruction. He has been in the industry for 30 years and has established himself as a leader in the industry.

In 1985, Dr. Clokie graduated with his degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. He earned his Ph.D. in 1992 from McGill University, specializing in bone regeneration and dental implants. His skill in this field has led to him being a sought-out expert in surgical management of the jaw, serving as both a teacher and clinician. Additionally, he has published several papers in his field and lectured around the world, talking about oral healthcare, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and other dental issues.

Read more: Cameron Clokie DDS, Ph.D.: Executive Profile & Biography

During his career, Dr. Cameron Clokie has worked in both academic dentistry as well as private practice. During his career, he has been the Head of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. He also served as a professor at the University of Toronto until he retired from academics in early 2017. He has been a prominent board member at a number of other private companies and has served time on scientific advisory boards.

Dr. Cameron Clokie’s innovation in dental surgery has resulted in him holding or waiting for approval of 25 US and international patents. As an expert at bone healing, he has devised methods to coax broken or missing bones to regrow. One of his patients, Peter Russel, lost part of his jaw to cancer. Dr. Clokie was able to regrow the bone and now the 60-year-old patient’s jawline looks like it did when he was 30. Dr. Clokie’s method uses a protein which can cause a patient’s own stem cells to become bone tissue. He is a the forefront of research into this method of regrowing bone to help patients. He also used this method to regrow the jaw bone of a 20-year-old patient who had also lost part of her jaw, this one to the removal of a benign tumor.

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Lori Senecal Makes A Habit Out of Overcoming Adversity

When people set out to seek careers and goals that they are really passionate about, they are going to be met with a few challenges. The challenges they face depend on the type of career they go after. It also depends on the type of personality they have. For one thing, a lot of people have desires that are not necessarily the same as their skills. However, their passion can help with the development of their skills. This is why it is recommended that people pursue what they are passionate about. They must pursue it in the face of adversity.

Lori Senecal has pursued advertising in the face of her adversity. She was working against a lot of obstacles that stood in the way of her success. Among the obstacles she has to face was her introversion and her shyness. Among the reasons that they were working against her is that the advertising world is believed to require an extremely outgoing and emotive personality for success. However, Lori Senecal was able to find something else that is helpful for her. In an article on Adweek, she has relied on her focus on the task at hand and the efficiency of the work she does for her clients.

Her approach to advertising has proven to be effective in that she has managed to keep her conversations short and focused on the task at hand. She has wasted no time on the personal life of her clients because she knows what they are here for. Her clients want to get an effective advertising campaign for their company. Therefore, she gets as much information about her clients and their company as necessary so that she can bring forth good results with her advertising campaign. The effectiveness and the timeliness of her campaigns are what bring the customers back.