Jeff Yastine’s Investment Option For 2018

One of the major ways to make some profit in 2018 is to invest. And one of the best options for investing is mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

The most significant M&A of 2017 was the anticipated Disney/20th Century Fox merger worth an estimated $52 billion. As significant as those numbers are, that is merely the tip of the icebergs.

One of the factors that make M&As such a lucrative investment option is tax reforms which promises to lower the corporate tax rate by as much as 21% and free up huge sums of corporate cash currently held in the overseas account.

Another factor is the attitude of U.S. consumers when it comes to spending. Costumer spending hit a 1-month record, a record last seen in 2009 when the U.S. economy was just recovering from the recession.

But the most significant factor is corporate mindset or sentiments. What this means is CEOs and their board members also go through cycles of pessimism and optimism that affects a company’s decision to put its cash reserves in the market.

Why is 2018 favorable for M&As?

The 2018 M&A Deloitte survey carried out on private equity firms and large corporations’ executives was able to capture why 2018 is the year for M&As.

Firstly, several companies – approximately 2/3rds of those surveyed – agree that there was an increase in the company’s cash reserves. And where is that cash being channeled? You guessed it, M&A deals.

A lot of companies have also indicated recently that they were more than likely to follow organic investments as the (probable) number one use of their cash reserves. But from the Deloitte report, it appears that is no longer the case as Companies are now seeking M&As. More than 40% of companies cite M&A as their number one intention.

2017 ended with an increase in the number of M&As. Statistics from the analytic firm Dealogic underlined November 2017 as being the second-largest month with merger and acquisition activity since they started monitoring in 1995. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Jess Yastine

How to Go about Investing

You have the option of betting on single stocks. An example of potential buyout candidates in the pharmaceutical sector includes Biogen Inc. (Nasdaq: BIIB) and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE: BMY).

In the retail sector, you have Nordstrom Inc. (NYSE: JWN). They have been identified as a likely buyout target as their stocks have been down 40% since 2015.

The tech industry isn’t exempt either as Akamai Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM) have been mentioned as a prospect for potential buyout ever since their shares increases by 14%.

However, those type of investments are all-in bets. A smarter play would be to invest using an exchange-traded fund (ETF). It increased by 24% in the last five years and 5% in 2017.

About Jeff Yastine: Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider and has been the editorial director of Banyan Hills Publishing since 2015.

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How Oncotarget Grew to Where it Is

When Research Gate talked about Oncotarget, they knew the publication was doing what it could to help doctors reach the goals they had for their patients. They had always made sure their patients were getting the treatment options they needed and that went back to how they could make sure they were providing people with the options that would give them all the best cancer treatment. They had always relied on what they could do, as doctors, to make sure the patients were getting the best opportunities possible. They had trusted that people would be doing their best to make a positive impact in the community and with those who wanted to have more options to give their patients. There were many ways in which people felt confident they could give back. Most of these ways allowed the community to provide people with options they could use to make things easier on themselves. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

As long as Oncotarget was doing what they could to prove how successful things could be, they knew they were going to have the best of everything. The publication had a lot of confidence in the things they were doing and all of that went back to how the could actually help other people. For Oncotarget, this meant they would need to make major changes to the industry and to the things that were happening in the industry. It allowed them the chance to experience how things would get better while they were treating others. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

For Oncotarget, people knew how to react and knew there would be a chance for them to bring attention to the issues in the cancer treatment sector of medicine. They all wanted to make sure they could experience more with the issues in the industry. By doing this, there had been many ways the people felt they were getting a great opportunity. They also knew there would be options they could take advantage of so they could help their patients. Since they were doing cancer treatment the right way, it gave them the inspiration they needed to continue offering other options to different people.


Investing In Brazil Is A Recommendation Of Igor Cornelsen

Recommendations about investing are being thrown out to the public on a regular basis but the advice of those who have achieved much in their career carries far more weight than the words of those who have little experience. In 2010, Igor Cornelsen had made his way to Florida from his native Brazil to enjoy his retirement when he began to feel he still had something to give to the investors of the world who were eager to hear his advice and tips on making the most of their funds.

One of the main tips given by Igor Cornelsen is to begin investing as soon as possible to provide a large amount of finding over the course of a lifetime which will ensure a comfortable retirement is available to every investor in the world. Cornelsen was once the head of a number of banks in his native Brazil and gained a reputation as a firefighter able to provide stability for financial institutions which were often struggling to come to terms with the difficult nature of the national economy across the 1990s and 2000s.

Not only does the retired Brazilian banker believe individuals should explore investment opportunities from a young age but also states his belief in a diversified portfolio offering long-term returns. In the modern world, Cornelsen believes top financial institutions are constantly chasing the next big deal which could arrive from anywhere but does not take into account any form of long-term strategy for the investor.

After being featured on CNN and a range of mainstream media outlets, Igor Cornelsen has become one of the best-known investment specialists in the world and believes in looking beyond the traditional areas of investment interest as these have largely had their profit removed before arriving on the general market. Despite looking to the future being seen as of great importance, Cornelsen believes investing only the funds an individual is comfortable with is important as a comfortable present is just as important as achieving an impressive investment portfolio and retirement.

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Glen Wakeman, Business Genius and Financial Expert

When you think of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs many names come to mind such as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but one name that you might not think of is man named Glen Wakeman. After learning about Mr. Wakeman you will start to think about him more often as well. Mr. Wakeman has many accomplishments, experience, and credentials to his name. Some of his best achievements are receiving a bachelors of economics and finance from the University of Scranton as well as a masters of Finance from the University of Chicago.

Glen’s arguably most impressive achievement however would have to be the founding of his company, LaunchPad Holdings. LaunchPad Holdings is an LLC is located in Miami Florida and was founded in November of 2015. describes LaunchPad Holdings as, “A fully automated A Software service that enables early stage entrepreneurs to organize their ideas ideas into workable plan.” While this descriptions nicely describes the company, to really see why LaunchPad succeeds we must look closer to Glen Wakeman. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on

In an August 2017 Interview with, Glen Wakeman shows his passion for entrepreneurship. Glen responds to a question regarding the formation of LaunchPad Holdings with, “Matching ideas with money is something I like doing. Many good ideas come from talented start ups…” Glen continues in the interview by discussing his approach to difficult situations as well as habits he believes help him in the business world. In Several responses you can see his passion and proficiency with financing, networking, and other key areas that make a good entrepreneur.


By now you can clearly see what makes Glen Wakeman an interesting person. From his education, to running a successful business Glen has seen great success. Anyone who is looking to become an entrepreneur or even start their own company from scratch can learn a lot from Glen Wakeman. Read more at Wikipedia about Glen Wakeman.

Rick Smith Ensuring Securus Technologies Remain on Top in Corrections Space

The decisions taken by the company’s management and leadership are what define the future of the company. If the leadership of the company doesn’t have a vision for its future or lacks the wisdom and the experience to stay competitive, it would eventually fail. The CEO of any company is its driver, and if the driver doesn’t take the right turn at the right time, the company is undoubtedly going to clash. Rick Smith, as the CEO of Securus Technologies, has done a great job of keeping the company on the top spot in the corrections space. Read more on

Not only has he directed the company to success through the various management techniques he has implemented internally but has also expanded the company to reach out to further audience. The business development strategies implemented by Rick Smith has worked wonders in improving the sales and revenue of Securus Technologies and has ensured that the company remains competitive.

It is under the supervision of Rick Smith that the Securus Technologies got accredited with highest ratings by the Better Business Bureau. Rick Smith knows about the steps that the company needs to take to stay ahead of the competition, and it is why he has focused on extending the product portfolio of the firm and invested heavily on research and development. In the age of high competition, if the company doesn’t have something to offer that others do not, it is unlikely that the company would sustain for long. The enterprises these days have to come out with something that others don’t offer and combine the offerings with innovative marketing techniques. It is what helps in topping the sales and efficiently penetrating the market. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

Rick Smith is a highly qualified individual and has done his graduation from the New York State University in engineering and MBA from the Rochester University. It is for his educational qualification that he has both the technical know-how as well as an understanding of the business in such refined manner. Rick Smith has focused on business expansion from the time he took over as the CEO of the company in 2008. He always looks out for opportunities that can help in expanding the outreach of the company. Recently, he acquired Jpay Inc, which is an inmate technology firm that serves over 1.6 million inmates. It is a money transfer service provider, but also offers other services like educational services, entertainment features, tablet services, and more.

Rick Smith Securus has many plans for the future of the company and has mapped out the business development strategy for Securus Technology. It is for this reason he is not afraid of the competition and knows what needs to be done to ensure Securus Technologies continues to remain on top of the correctional sphere.



The business world has been taking a shift from manual operations to the utilization of wireless connectivity over the years. Firms no longer carry out business operations the same way they did a decade ago. Advancements in technology have seen these changes through, and if Jason Hope’s prediction of the future is anything to go by, companies which won’t have implemented technology into their operations will lag behind as the others progress. Jason Hope has a great understanding of the trends of technology and technology itself. He is also an expert in the business world and does a lot to contribute to various ventures.

The businessman who is based in Scottsdale has a great passion for helping individuals as well as groups to succeed in different practices. He particularly focuses on certain fields like therapeutic remedies for common and serious illnesses, education and scientific research. Jason has been using his great understanding of technology to make important predictions of the future. According to his forecasts, the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to have a great effect on the modern society in future. Businesses are taking heed of these predictions since there are several signs that that is where the world is heading. Most managers are budgeting on technology and appointing employees who are well versed in the use of current devices.

Jason Hope went to the Arizona State University and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Later on, he joined the W.P. Carey School of Business in the same institution and attained his MBA. To help the world understand more about his claim, Jason wrote the book by the name Understanding the Internet of Things: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era. Inside the book, he explains in details the entire aspect of how the internet will run everything in the near future. He mentions how things like washing machines and house security systems will be controlled remotely from a distance. It will be possible for most of these systems and gadgets be controlled using a smartphone.

Jason has made several donations to organisations that are working towards technological advancements in Scottsdale. He has also funded groups working to establish ways of providing treatments through technology. Today, he continues to educate people on how to use technology to their advantage, and if they pay enough attention, their future will definitely be bright, and Jason will be the man to thank.

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Jorge Moll: Unlocking the Secrets of Morality

The two neuroscientists used a specialized device that scans the brain thoroughly. To their surprise, they found out that when the volunteers were shown a scenario involving generosity, it managed to activate a small area of the brain that is also responsible for releasing hormones that would give pleasure to an individual, similar to the pleasures when eating and having sexual intercourse. Then, the two remembered a quote that is being used for hundreds of years – to give is better than to receive. Now, the two scientists have discovered that the old saying has a scientific basis. Giving is better than receiving because of the pleasure felt by the body. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist that has been researching about morality since 2006. Jorge Moll is working with Jordan Grafman, a fellow neuroscientist, since 2006. Together, the two are looking for answers about the real nature of morality and how it affects humans. In 2006, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman invited several individuals inside their research facility. They explained to them that they would be a part of a grand experiment concerning the human brain, and the only thing that they will be doing is to watch a scenario unfolding right in front of their eyes. They were given two sets of scenarios – one depicting an act of generosity and the other, an act of selfishness. When the experiment began, the volunteers were shown the scene showcasing generosity first, and then come to the scene showing greed. Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman recorded the results of their study and started to brainstorm. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman continue with their studies, hoping to unlock more secrets about the human brain. The research that they have published already caught the attention of other scientists and theologians, who are already debating that free will exists, and that morality is not affected by any chemical reactions inside the brain. However, for the two neuroscientists, their research matter, and the results were based on a systematic research that has been proven with the use of Science. They understood were the theologians are coming from, but they are firm with their discovery.


Highland Capital Management – An Excellent Exploration of Opportunity

There are many prestigious and rewarding positions to explore at Highland Capital Management. Investment analyst, fund accountant, portfolio analysis and executive assistant are just a few of the available positions available at the Highland Capital Management company out of Dallas, Texas. As an employee, you are a part of a high and positive energy staff that sets goals, works hard to accomplish them and doesn’t quit until they are accomplished. With the right attitude, you can become the best of the best and receive a direct salary that supports your quality of work.

The pay at Highland Capital Management out of Dallas, Texas is definitely a competitive salary in the alternative investment sector. As an investment analysis, expect a salary of about $79.5 thousands per year; as a fund accountant, you can earn about, $79.7; a portfolio analyst – $96.6 and executive assistant – $69.5. These salaries have been known to increase per employee, so hard work is the key to a healthier salary here at Highland Capital Management. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

The Dallas portion of Highland Capital management has been recognized by Dallas Business Journal as “One of the Best Places to Work in 2015”. This prestigious recognition has been accomplished with the great efforts of Highland Capital Management’s founders, Jim Donero and Mark Okada, who has put together a successful system for the company to pass on to the staff to follow which has allowed for exceeding support of the employees, respect and productivity beyond expectation. Currently, Highland Capital Management has $13.5 billion is assets. Read more at

There are currently 5 offices for the Highland Capital Management company: 1) Dallas; 2) New York; 3) Singapore; 4)Seoul and 5)Sao Paolo. The Dallas,Texas office is its headquarters, employing over 240 employees. You can always expect a team environment that works extremely hard and diligent to get jobs done correctly in order to disallow mistakes as much as possible.

All employees at Highland Capital Management deserve the best and will receive the best, just as long as they put in the effort. For over 20 years, Highland Capital Management has been steadily moving in the right direction despite road blocks and will continue on the right path to success.


Rodrigo Terpins: Maintaining a Great Name for Himself in Rally Driving & More

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver like his brother Michel Terpins. He is a rider and member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team. He has participated in many main rally events in which he has gained many victories. Terpins competes for the category of the T1 prototype which has earned him the seventh position in the Sertões Rally’s 22nd edition.

Terpins’ dad is also known to have a successful athletic sports quality about him in which Terpins inherited. His dad, Jack Terpins, played basketball for Hebraica in the 1960s and 70s. He was also a successful entrepreneur and a community leader where he volunteered his time as the president of the Maccabi Latin American Confederation, president of the Latin Jewish Council, and the vice president of the Maccabi World Union. In 1991, he was the sports director for the President of Hebrew in 1991. Check out Terra to know more.

His Work Experience & Education

His inherited traits of his father’s sportsmanship and being business-minded also show through Terpins’ present experience, past experience, and education, as follows:

Director of T5 Participações

  • Director of T5 Participações- from May 2008 to now and is located in São Paulo Area, Brazil

Director of Operations of Lojas Marisa

  • Director of Operations of Lojas Marisa- from April 1991 to March 2007

Other employment

  • Other employment- includes him working for Planejamento Estratégico in Commercial Automation and in the e-commerce department of imports.

He gained his education at Saint Hilaire. And more information of Terpins can be found at,, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.


Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver like his brother Michel Terpins. Sportsmanship also came from his father in which Terpins also inherited his father’s business sense. And Terpins is continuing to go strong in his sport, work, etc. You can visit Vimeo for more videos.

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An Impressive Resume: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a man who stands tall in the business world. He stands six feet five inches tall. His business acumen is as impressive as his height. He worked his way up and transformed a company called United Technology Corporation. His career is something that any CEO these days would like to have.

His career started with General Motors and he worked there for fourteen years. He moved on to a company called Pratt and Whitney and began to hone his skills. He worked his way up to become President of the company after six years. Louis Chenevert hit his stride when he became president of UTC in 2006. When he stepped down from the company in 2014 it was one of the largest aerospace and industrial companies in the world. He now works at Goldman Sachs looking for new ventures in the aerospace and industrial fields.


The hallmark of Louis Chenevert’s impressive career was while he was President and CEO of United Technologies. He made a big deal with Goodrich for more than eighteen billion dollars. He next focused his power what makes UTC stand out. He simplified the company and made it a force to be reckoned with in aerospace and industry. He also made sure the company was on solid financial footing by investing in the people that work for him. By doing this he made sure that his workforce was ready for any future technologies that may come their way. He invested more than one billion dollars in education for his workers. See This Page to learn more about Louis Chenevert.


Louis Chenevert also invested in new technology for the company as well. He helped create a state of the art engine that will burn hotter and be lightweight. The company was able to win a big contract with the company Airbus. Check out Chenevert on


In less than a decade, Louis Chenevert showed what a strong and competitive businessman he is. It is one thing to say that a person can transform an industry. Louis Chenevert is living proof that with the right technology and people around him anything is possible. that is what makes Louis Chenevert proud. Related Post: louis-chenevert-business-giant-took-sea.


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